Ingenious SEO can put your website above other small businesses in Google search results.

And keep it there.

So why do you or your small business need SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website, and any content you post online, such that your website ranks high on a search engine when a potential customer does a search for your kind of products or services in the South-East.

A high ranking website is more visible and can lead to more enquiries and higher sales across the county.

If your website is languishing on page three of Google, you’re out in the cold when it comes to getting an enquiry or making a sale.

Our SEO services in detail

We offer a range of SEO services and strategies to enhance and optimise your visibility on search engines. Eight are listed below. We split these eight services into three packages.


SEO audit

We complete an initial SEO audit on your site and then monthly audits allowing us to monitor your search engine visibility and keep you one step ahead of the game.

Keyword research

We research the words that people enter into search engines to find businesses like yours, combine it with the information you give us about your business, and then we use all that stuff for our SEO work on your website.


content creation

At Gibit we create search engine optimised content for your website. This can generate relevant and quality visitors, and help keep them interested in what you offer.

mobile formatting

Mobile phones are used for around 60% of all website searches and some search engines will lower the ranking value of your site if it’s not mobile-friendly. We make sure your site is responsive on mobile, with the best possible presentation.

structural seo

To maximise your search engine ranking, we specify an optimised URL, browser title, meta description, page text and alt text for every page of your website. Most of this isn’t visible, but it’s critical for search engines.


Link building is an essential aspect of SEO and helps search engines recognise the relevance of your website pages. We create the necessary internal and external links for your website.

google business listing

Whether you’re a restaurant, store, or service provider, your free Google business profile helps customers do business with you easily and directly. We can create your business listing for you which  assists in optimising your local SEO.  


In SEO, measurement is critical, so we use Google Analytics to provide monthly reports showing your website’s performance. We use these reports to explore new ways to evolve and improve your ranking. 

Our SEO packages

All of the websites we build for our clients include an initial audit, keyword research, structural SEO and mobile-friendly formatting as standard. We call this the ‘Essentials’ package and it’s free. Without it, your website won’t show useful information for customers in search engine results.

If you need further SEO help, on a monthly basis, we offer two more packages: Enhanced and Bespoke.


  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Structural SEO
  • Mobile formatting


  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Structural SEO
  • Mobile formatting
  • Google Analytics set-up
  • Google My Business set-up
  • Content creation
  • Links
  • Reporting


Need some supercharged SEO? Working in a business niche or feeling intense competition? We have the experience to offer you something tailored, and then tested, on a monthly basis.

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