Reach new and existing customers.  Social media is essential for small  businesses.

It’s all about engagement: the more you post, the more interest you’ll see

Want to make social media work for your business?

We can plan a social media calendar and campaigns for you, post on and manage your accounts, engage with your audience and ultimately increase the number of visitors to your website.

Recent research has shown that a business needs to post at least 7–8 times per month for it to effect a measurable change on sales and number of followers.

Frequency is everything.

Our approach to social media

A good social media strategy helps you put the right content in front of your targeted audience, at the right time — when you have a promotion, a sale or a new service. A strategy also helps your SEO ranking in the longer term, improves your brand credibility and creates value for customers.

We offer two social media management packages: Campaign planning and Plan & manage.

Campaign planning

  • Goal setting & research
  • Social media audit
  • Content calendar

Plan & manage

  • Goal setting & research
  • Social media audit
  • Content calendar
  • Content creation
  • Posting to your accounts

Social media management for individuals and small businesses

Goal setting & research

We work with you to find out your social media marketing goals, then we identify and research your target audience.

Social media account set-up

We set up new social media accounts for you or update your current accounts, ensuring brand consistency and identity.

Social media audit

We audit your accounts to measure your strengths and weaknesses across all your social media platforms.


Social media content

We create high-quality content and engaging stories, designed to appeal to your target audience.

Content calendar

We create a social media content calendar for your business — what and when to post, incorporating those important events in your business plan.

Improved SEO

By driving customers to your website via links and shares, your social media content helps increase your website’s ranking on search engines.

How do we build and implement your social media plan?

To give you an idea of how we might work together, here is an example of our Plan & manage process. 


We start by defining realistic social media goals for your business with you.


Next, we research your target audience, which will determine which social media platforms you should ideally use.


Using the information gathered, we build a content calendar for the next 12 months. This details what should be posted, and when. We don’t discount ad hoc posts, of course. Sometimes you have to respond to the unexpected.


Where possible, your content is created a few weeks ahead of time and you get to review and approve any social media content a week before it is posted. With experience, you’ll be able to review your calendar in minutes.


You receive each month’s social media content by mid-month. 


At the beginning of each month, we analyse what is and isn’t working, in terms of response and engagement. We catch up with you to review progress and to make sure we’re aligned. We’ll also suggest new ideas you might try to increase engagement.


Understanding your diary helps us create relevant and timely content, so we keep in touch with you periodically for updates. For example, you might be exhibiting at a show, booked at short notice, and need to drum up some social media interest.

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